The Art of Going Within Self

The Secrets of Happiness, Wisdom and Abundance reside Within our Soul, and the Collective (Heart and Mind)

Deep within our soul resides absolute power and an infinite wealth of love. We have everything we need inside our hearts and minds including a supply of prosperity, success, peace, love, compassion, determination, forgiveness and courage. It’s our choice to go within, re-connect to the source and replenish our supply.

It’s paramount to we set time aside for ourselves. A time way from our noisy crowds, daily routine and chaotic schedules. A time to go within and re-connect with our essence and true selves; refresh, renew and replenish our sacred vessel and allow our creator to deliver the messages, healing and inspiration available for us. Then and only then, we should resume to living and enjoying our earthly journey.

Session Recommendation:  Journey Within self-discovery and healing session is a compassionate & loving, honest and non-judgmental look inward, contemplating, re-assessing your feelings, emotions, life path, goals and priorities. Re-connecting to source and your true self.

  • This is a unique one-on-one (private and confidential) self-discovery and healing session.
  • Crafted to help you regain inner peace, balance and clarity, this session is a time of enlightenment, spiritual pampering, energy clearing, chakra cleansing/balancing and re-connection to spirit and your higher self.
  • Dive into your path, past influence, present circumstances and immediate future and navigate life’s matters such as health, career, relationships and soul’s journey. It’s an opportunity to find your true self, access universal wisdom, eliminate negativity, obtain clarity and open new doorways in your life.
  • Sessions include life-coaching, spiritual channeling and messages from spirit addressing lingering questions and validating answers you already know true to your heart. And a combination of reiki, crystal therapy and special techniques for emotional release, chakra balancing and aura cleaning.
  • You’ll experience mental-spiritual-emotional and physical balance, healing, vibrant energy renewal and rekindled sense of self and re-gain control of your life’s purpose.