Rev. Maria Baez, R.M Cht.

Intuitive soul-guide, psychic healer & holistic practitioner Rev. Maria Baez, RM CHt. brings together in this lifetime, the embodiment of the past-present-future understanding, deep connection to the spiritual world and the gift of soul healing to help you to have a profound, transformational, healing and life-changing experience.

She is a reiki master and ordained minister with 15+ years of experience focused on healing, overcoming obstacles and soul’s purpose. Her qualifications and techniques include energy work, past life regression, crystal therapy, reiki, EFT, NLP and meditation. As a metaphysical teacher she presents topics on spirituality, psychic development, reiki certifications and holistic workshops.

 “No matter where you are on your path of personal, professional and spiritual evolution, my work can help  you  connect to spirit, release blockages in the various energy fields, access your higher self and exclusive information from “the other side”.  A session can take you to a new frequency of energy and a new reality of what you want your life to look and feel like…” ~ Maria B.

Born intuitive with an eclectic nature, she is an ever-learning spiritual teacher with a diverse corporate business and military background. This unexpected twist and rare duality of spirituality meets discipline helps her integrate and enforce the great importance of following both your heart and mind in a loving and logical way for both personal and professional aspects of your life.

Today she balances her passion for the spiritual path along with managing her successful holistic business enterprise. Maria is the brains and heart behind the HolisticGLOBE, positioning her as one the most powerful community leaders and strategic liaison in the holistic industry inter-connecting consumers, experts, organizations, causes and providers nationwide. She is resourceful, well-connected and an accomplished holistic entrepreneur specialized on how to create, sustain and grow a holistic enterprise with authentic energy, best practices and standard business compliance.

As a chairwoman and director of the Holistic Authority™ Leadership Society she stands for progressive entrepreneurship, impact investments and self-sustainable business practices for holistic practitioners. Her leadership and passion is reflected on the true commitment of this alliance, created to help you build, nurture and grow holistic businesses, keeping dreams and visions alive and ever expanding.

She is the voice and channel behind Holistic Globe Radio® a syndicated radio show and podcast. Her professional portfolio includes research, coaching, e-books  and events, radio and the production of Eng/Span TV segments and documentaries. Her ultimate message and goal is holistic education, healing, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution.