About Us

We realized the many experts, research and resources out there dedicated to “development” of our brain and physical bodies and the very few focused on or interested in exploring or caring for our minds and hearts. With this in mind, and acknowledging the importance of what’s within, InnerSorcery is dedicated to deliver spiritual therapies, ancient wisdom and soul awakening programs to help open our hearts, cultivate our minds and nurture our bodies.

While we understand that optimal health and brain function are key elements of wellness, we recognize that it’s our hearts and minds (as collective soul) the ones that will transcend and evolve, not our physical form. It’s also having or not of proper emotional balance, spiritual wisdom and soul nurture that will elevate our existence or hold us back. The existence of conscious and unconscious positive or negative patterns in our minds and hearts will define our lives, our work and our creations.

Come join us for a private and confidential transformational session, an interactive workshop or a powerful retreat. We invite anyone who is seeking to experience and further develop personal breakthroughs, spiritual awakenings and soul evolution and who is open to exploring and healing all aspects of their being, physical- mental-emotional and spiritual.

We’ll facilitate opportunities to enhance your spiritual journey and obtain balance, inner peace and mental clarity. We understand the importance of living with purpose, so we are here to help open doors for you, so you can transform your life, discover your soul’s purpose, meet like-minded, change your world and take charge of your destiny. [ Meet Facilitator ]