Visiting our studio is a very private, confidential and personal experience. We operate under flexible schedule, in order to accommodate your special scheduling needs. Our doors are open by appointment only -catering one client at a time- honoring their needs for privacy and seclusion.

Getting Started

If you are wondering how to get started into your own Inner Sorcery quest, unsure of what needs to get done first or which of our services is the best match for you, we recommend you book your very first [ Journey Within ] self-discovery and healing session. It takes all the guessing out of the equation and will get you started on the right path, one step at a time.  This unique reservation is like an “initial consultation” where you are going to be re-introduced to yourself, your life-path, spirituality within you and all available possibilities for self-improvement and personal evolution.

Join me for a beautiful and meaningful session of enlightenment, spiritual pampering, energy clearing, chakra balancing and re-connection to your higher self. Eliminate negativity, obtain clarity and re-gain control of your life’s purpose.

Let’s dive into your path, past influence, present circumstances and immediate future and navigate life’s matters such as health, career, relationships and soul’s journey. You will experience a spiritual consultation and a healing session. Sessions may include reiki, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, energy clearing, past life channeling and messages from spirit, addressing lingering questions and validating answers you already know true to your heart. Be open to experience clarity, mental-spiritual-emotional and physical balance, healing, vibrant energy renewal and rekindled sense of self.